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This is a pre order only !
by buying you are agree to pay 160€ plus shipping when your Nuance Controller will be ready in order to receive the actual product.

The delay between pre ordering and shipping will be 2 months maximum.

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Don’t forget that Nuances Controller is hand made at home.

Wood is a natural product, and I’m not able to give it 1/10 mm precision.
The wood working isn’t industrial and your product may have some small marks.
The oled screen is manually aligned on the frame, and it may be no 100% perfectly centred.

I will do my best to give you the better Nuance Controller !
But you have to be agree with this before ordering.



Sorry, but no VAT recovery (TVA non applicable – article 293 B du CGI)

About Nuances

Nuances is a hand made midi controller based on an ATmega microcontroller in an oiled wood case. 
- It is USB powered and natively recognised by your DAW on MacOs & Windows as "NuancesMidiController" without any driver. 
- Each fader transmits only Midi CC value. 
Default Midi controller value :  11 - 1 - 21 (can be customised for your order) 
- You can use the switch to change each Midi controller number, but it won't survive to a reboot. 
- 3  faders 6 cm travel
- A tiny oled screen displays the midi controller number on the top and the value on the bottom. The display goes to sleep after 4 minutes of inactivity in order to increase life span. 
- Braided USB cable : about 1,8m (user replaceable)
- Size : 9,5 cm x 13,5 cm  and about 3,2 cm high +1,5 cm for the faders


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