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I’m receiving a lot of inquiries about this Midi Controller. I’m a music composer, and at first I’ve made the Nuances controller for my own use. Since march 2021, I’m hand making each month some small batches of it at home in Paris. I don’t want my music studio to be a warehouse or a factory. I’m building them on my spare time, I’m not able to build more units each month and I have no plan or desire to start mass production… If you want one, please be quick when I’m realising a batch or wait the next one.

Nuances is the ideal product to precisely control your dynamic, expression, vibrato, volume or any parameter for all moderns sampled sound banks, and the way to finally get a really expressive music score.

About Nuances 

Nuances is a hand made midi controller in an oiled wood case.  
- It is USB powered and natively recognised by your DAW on MacOs & Windows as "NuancesMidiController" without any driver. (Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Protools, Live, Studio One, Garage Band, Fl Studio, Reaper, etc...) 
- Each fader transmits only Midi CC value.  
- You can keep the switch pressed to change each Midi controller number, your custom MIDI CC choice is stored in ROM on switch release
- 3  faders 6 cm travel 
- A small oled screen displays the midi controller number on the top and the value on the bottom. The display goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity.  
- Braided cable (about 1,8 meter)with standard USB connector for "Nuances controller" Classic USB connector version 
- Braided cable (about 1 meter) with USB C connector for "Nuances controller" USB C connector version 
- Size : 9,6 cm x 13,5 cm  and about 3,2 cm high + 1,5 cm for the faders  
- Weight : about 350g

Price for a Nuances controller is 225€ plus shipping

Paypal paiement only (You can pay with any VISA without having a Paypal account)
I will ship from France and will not be responsible for any import taxes in your country
Sorry, but no VAT recovery for EU customers (TVA non applicable - article 293 B du CGI)
I will do my best to repair your Nuances Controller if it fails.

What customers says :

Please note, this website is written in English. Translating is based on google translation. I'm sorry if some phrases are weirds in your native language...