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Articulations for Logic Pro

A free articulation switcher for Logic Pro & Open Stage Control for your iPad/Android Tablet/Phone or touch screen

I’m a long time Logic user working with a big orchestral template. I’ve never liked the “one track, one articulation” way of work. In my template, I’m using the Articulation system from Logic and it suits well my workflow : one instrument track with all its articulations.

With this system, my complain was that for each track, the default Articulation is the first one in the list (Eg : for my template : mostly “Long”)

But what if want to record some Pizz or staccato, it’s a problem.

I can change the Articulation using the menu on the top of the instrument plugin window before recording or I can use Smart Controls Keyswitches window (ugly and limited to only24 articulations). This isn’t the greatest or fastest solution for my workflow…

I’ve always wanted some physical faders to be able to control dynamic, intensity or vibrato for my libraries. I’ve never found something simple suiting my needs and as a result I’ve builded the Nuances controller

I needed something simple to be able to deal with all my articulations in Logic. My goal was to use the lightest and purest solution without any scripting in Logic or any port routing and also I don’t want any additional software. I needed something working directly with all the songs I’ve already created from my template without any modification.

The result is : Articulations

It will allow you to control your Logic's Articulations from any web browser on your iPad, Tablet, computer or even your smartphone, and it is free !
If my way of working looks like yours, it might be a great upgrade to your workflow.

No Logic complicated script or external plugin, you will just need Open Stage Control (libre application)

All informations, files and installation setup on Open Stage control user forum :