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Sorry, January batch was sold-out in less than 10 minutes…
No waiting list or pre order, please be patient !

February 2023 batch will be in stock and ready to order in :

February 3 2023 19:00h GMT +1 (Paris winter time)

For your convenience, this is a link to a timezone converter (please select “Use The Following Date/Time” in conjunction with the next batch date and time and use “Europe/Paris” as reference) :

Please note, there is two versions of Nuances controller :

  • Classic USB with a regular USB connector and a 1,8 meter cable.
  • USB C version, with a shorter cable (1m) and an USB type C connector.
    Choose accordingly when ordering on the product page
    Both Classic USB and USB C versions are exactly the same and will work either on a standard USB computer or an USB C computer via an Hub or an adapter (not included).
    Both versions will also works natively on any computer, including new apple silicon computers (M1/M2).